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Consider participating in the OUTLAST study for patients who are seeking treatment for meth addiction.


Your participation in the OUTLAST study is confidential and protected.


Currently there are no approved medications for the treatment of methamphetamine (meth) use disorder (MUD). OUTLAST is a Phase 2 study evaluating the safety and effectiveness of IXT-m200, an investigational drug, in treatment-seeking individuals who actively use meth.


We are not affiliated with any law enforcement agency. Your participation in the OUTLAST study is confidential and protected.

The purpose of the OUTLAST study is to see if IXT-m200 will decrease relapses, improve the signs and symptoms associated with meth use, and improve the quality of life in treatment-seeking individuals.



You may be eligible to participate in the OUTLAST study if you:

  • Are at least 18 years of age

  • Are seeking treatment for meth addiction

  • Have a positive meth drug test during screening

  • Are willing to take saliva drug screens during participation

  • Are willing to share information daily regarding drug use


Before participating in OUTLAST, you will be screened through a series of steps, to see if you qualify. If you are eligible, you will begin to receive the study drug. The study drug will be administered through an IV line over 30 minutes. You will receive 6 doses of either IXT-m200 or placebo, spaced 4 weeks apart. You will be randomly assigned, like by the flip of a coin, to either IXT-m200 or placebo. The group of patients assigned to IXT-m200 will be compared to the group of patients assigned to placebo to help researchers better understand the effects of IXT-m200. The study team will follow all patients closely throughout study participation. All participants will follow the same visit schedule and will be asked to complete the same study procedures.

As part of the study, you will be asked to record your drug use daily in a smartphone app. You will also use the app to record your saliva drug tests. Remember, your study participation is confidential, and data collected during the study will not be reported to any law enforcement agency. You will also use the app to connect with your recovery coach. Your recovery coach has been where you are today. They are in long-term recovery from their own drug use and know what you are going through. Your recovery coach will be available for a phone and/or video call once per week for the first 3 months and beyond. In addition to the scheduled calls, your recovery coach will be available by text during working hours.



OUTLAST participation is planned for approximately 8 months, and it includes about 10 study visits. The investigational drug, study-related procedures, and doctor visits will be provided at no cost. You will receive some compensation for your participation.

Volunteers are an essential part of developing new medications. We know the decision to participate is a personal one. Thank you for considering OUTLAST.

For more information about OUTLAST or to see if you qualify, text OUTLAST to (844) 400-METH. A member of the study team will contact you within 24 hours. You may also contact the study team nearest you directly to discuss OUTLAST eligibility.

OUTLAST Centers Near You


 Bentonville, AR

 Pillar Clinical Research

 Fayz Hudefi, MD, Principal Investigator

 Eric Foster, Study Coordinator

 (479) 367-2688


 Little Rock, AR

 Woodlands International Research Group

 George Konis, MD, Principal Investigator

 Polina Thomas, Study Coordinator

 (501) 221-8681


 San Diego, CA

 Artemis Institute for Clinical Research

 Eric Chavez, MD, Principal Investigator

 Freia Canals Cistero, Study Coordinator

 (858) 278-3647 x130


 Chicago, IL

 Pillar Clinical Research

 Roueen Rafeyan, MD, Principal Investigator

 Dennis Waclawik, Study Coordinator

 (224) 534-7332


 Dayton, OH

 Midwest Clinical Research Center

 Otto Dueno, MD, Principal Investigator

 Marcus McCarty-Towers, Study Coordinator

 (937) 424-1050


 Desoto, TX

 InSite Clinical Research

 Raj Shiwach, MD, Principal Investigator

 Jill Guge, Study Coordinator

 (972) 707-9624


 Houston, TX

 HD Research

 Dominick D'Aunno, MD, Principal Investigator

 Tina Allen, Recruitment Coordinator

 (281) 369-5765


 Richardson, TX

 Pillar Clinical Research

 Scott Bartley, MD, Principal Investigator

 Dana Siler, Study Coordinator

 (214) 396-4844


 Clinton, UT

 Alpine Research Organization

 M. Scott Roundy, MD, Principal Investigator

 Tammie Beickel, Recruitment Coordinator

(801) 803-6417

This study is being sponsored by InterveXion Therapeutics, LLC

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